Prayer and Novena to St. Kateri

Prayer & Novena in Honor of


(Gah-deh-lee   Deh-gah-quee-tah)


O God,
who desired the Virgin
Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha
to flower among Native
Americans in a life of innocence,
grant, through her intercession,
that when all are gathered into
your Church from every nation,
tribe and tongue,
they may magnify you
in a single canticle of praise.

(Collect of the Mass in honor of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha from the Roman Missal)

Novena Prayer to Saint Kateri

Kateri, favored child, Flower of the Algonquins and Lily of the Mohawks, We come to seek your intercession in our present need: (mention it here).

We admire the virtues which adorned your soul: love of God and neighbor, humility, obedience, patience, purity and the spirit of sacrifice. Help us to imitate your example in our life. Through the goodness and mercy of God, Who has blessed you with so many graces which led you to the true faith and to a high degree of holiness, pray to God for us and help us.

Obtain for us a very fervent devotion to the Holy Eucharist so that we may love Holy Mass as you did and receive Holy Communion as often as we can. Teach us also to be devoted to our crucified Savior as you were, that we may cheerfully bear our daily crosses for love of Him Who suffered so much for love of us. Most of all we beg you to pray that we may avoid sin, lead a holy life and save our souls. Amen.

In thanksgiving to God for the graces bestowed upon Kateri: (one Our Father, Hail Mary and three Glory Be’s).

Kateri, Flower of the Algonquins and Lily of the Mohawks, pray for us.

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