4 Disciplines or Necessary Apps for the iCatholic…

1. Slow Down – Pray, Fast and Feast

“God is the friend of silence.”  – Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Our liturgical life reminds us that throughout the week and the year we have a calendar of self-control.  Share in the fast, so you may enter the feast with great joy! 

2. Study Wisdom and Seek Counsel

To be a disciple of Christ is to be a life-long learner, strive always to learn our faith in Scripture, Tradition and by “seeking counsel of every wise man”.  (Tob 4:18)

3. Pray and Worship Together
“Sunday is a day at the heart of the Christian Life” – Blessed John Paul II
Draw close to Christ present in the Eucharist, and bring a friend too!

4. Serve Others in Love and Share your Faith
Parents are the first Catechists of their children and the family is the domestic Church.  As a family, pray together, and share your experience of faith with each other.  This means husbands and fathers too! 🙂  


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