Servant of All

25th Sunday of OT 2012 – Mini-homily


Even the disciples, the people who were in the constant company of Jesus, fought as to which of them was the most important in the group. Yet Jesus had just told them how he would abandon himself to the will of others, becoming the least of all. Our Lord taught them that he himself will be at the service of all, even going as far as dying for them on the Cross. In that way he would become the greatest. This is a paradox at the heart of Christianity. So Jesus teaches his disciples, he teaches us how we also should behave.

If anyone would be first he must be last of all and servant of all.

Jesus then took a child as a visual aid. The Aramaic word for ‘child’ is also the word for ‘servant’. To understand the implications of this we must realise that the disciples were looking at a child of their time and not of ours. Some might say children of Jesus’ time were at the mercy of parents, and perhaps today some of you poor parents may be at the mercy of your own children!  Ultimately, we are called not to be childish, petty – selfish and quaralling, but we are called to be “child-like”, innocent, open to God the Father’s will for us.

Only we ourselves know what we are able to do and can bring ourselves to do it. Pray and discern God’s call in your life at this moment.  But to help us make that decision now and every day, Jesus has put the image of the little one in our society before us.  Today’s Gospel reminds us that by our Baptism, we are each called to be servants, we are each called to be loving children of God.

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